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Before and after Bellafill injection treatment in Franklin, TN

The team at Coolsprings Laser Aesthetics & Skincare Center in Franklin, TN often suggests HA fillers as a “gateway” injection treatment.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers are terrific. They smooth wrinkles and restore lost volume to rejuvenate the complexion. The team at Coolsprings Laser Aesthetics & Skincare Center in Franklin, TN often suggests HA fillers as a “gateway” injection treatment. If you like the improvement, as most patients do, you may want results to last longer. In the hands of our trained, experienced injectors, Bellafill can be a good choice. Here is how to prepare for treatment and what to do afterward, for optimal comfort and outcome. How skin ages While a smooth, youthful-looking complexion is influenced by underlying bone density, … Continue reading

Women in Franklin, TN ask, “What happens after breast augmentation?”

Dr. Nadja Colon and the cosmetic surgery team at Coolsprings Laser Aesthetics and Skincare Center in Franklin,

Have you made the decision to pursue surgical breast augmentation? Congratulations! It represents a wonderful investment in YOU, that will return many dividends. No doubt you have already taken time to learn about the procedure, and you probably have an idea of the results you want. It is also a good idea to think about the practical aspect of having an enhanced figure, virtually overnight. The experienced surgical team at Coolsprings Laser Aesthetics & Skincare Center in Franklin, TN shares this helpful information. What to wear under there? Though there is great temptation to shop for pretty bras, fancy lingerie, … Continue reading

Feel confident and comfortable again with FemiLift laser treatment in Franklin, TN

Dr. Nadja Colon has background in neuroscience and cellular biology

Maybe you don’t discuss it a lot, but your feminine health has tremendous impact on your overall wellbeing. If a life well-lived has left you with uncomfortable or embarrassing issues, it is time to talk about it – in the discreet and professional environment of Coolsprings Laser Aesthetics & Skincare Center. Like countless other women in the Franklin, TN area, you might discover that FemiLift laser treatment can resolve your concerns . . . without surgery. What happens to a healthy pelvis Collagen is a structural protein found in many tissues of the human body. Most people know collagen as … Continue reading

What you need to know about tumescent liposuction treatment in Franklin TN

Tumescent liposuction treatment, available at CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center in Franklin TN,

For more than 30 years, liposuction has been among the most popular aesthetic surgical techniques, and it has enabled millions of patients to achieve more sculpted curves. At CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center in Franklin, TN, we use the tumescent liposuction technique, which facilitates safer, more effective treatment. What liposuction can (and can’t) treat It is important to have realistic expectations. Liposuction is a wonderful procedure for reducing localized fat deposits virtually anywhere on the body. However, it is not a treatment for obesity or a substitute for healthy habits. The goal of this treatment is fat removal, … Continue reading

Enjoy unique benefits of Fraxel Laser Treatment in Franklin

Fraxel laser therapy provides the benefits of resurfacing without significant recovery or downtime.

CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center is located in Franklin, TN serving communities throughout the area with quality surgical and nonsurgical solutions. One of our most requested procedures is Fraxel laser treatment, which rejuvenates skin and corrects a wide variety of cosmetic concerns with minimal downtime or side effects. How Fraxel treatment works to improve skin Laser resurfacing, like most nonsurgical skin rejuvenation techniques, works with the body’s natural healing mechanisms. These techniques remove or thermally activate a portion of skin cells in the treatment area. The body recognizes this as an “injury” and begins to rapidly generate new … Continue reading

Why Franklin, TN patients love the Brazilian butt lift surgery

Brazilian butt lift surgery is just like any other buttocks augmentation procedure in Franklin, TN.

You might think that a Brazilian butt lift surgery is just like any other buttocks augmentation procedure in Franklin, TN. However, it is a unique method designed to dramatically improve body contours, in the most natural way possible. History of the Brazilian butt lift In 1961, a circus tent tragically caught fire in the Brazilian city of Niterói. The incident left hundreds of spectators with life-threatening and disfiguring injuries. Many doctors attended to the wounded, with a focus on healing wounds and restoring bodily functionality. However, one doctor was struck by the lack of care and compassion for victims of … Continue reading

What to expect: The procedure for NeoGraft hair transplants in Franklin, TN

NeoGraft Hair Transplants Franklin TN

Hair loss is a widespread problem affecting many men and women in Franklin, TN and beyond. It can happen at any age, though it is more common in older adults. Medication and topical treatments may be beneficial for certain patients in the initial stages of hair loss. However, a hair transplant surgery is often the best solution, or the only viable option. Fortunately, advanced technology such as NeoGraft has made the procedure less invasive and more effective than ever. How the FUE transplant technique is different FUE is an acronym, meaning Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a precision technique, which … Continue reading

What Franklin TN patients need to know about the breast augmentation procedure

Breast Augmentation Franklin TN

CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center in Franklin, TN provides a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Breast augmentation is a popular choice among women who want to add fullness to their curves, improve the fit of clothing, correct age-related sagging, and more. Who is a candidate for breast augmentation? With today’s advanced techniques, plastic surgeries such as breast augmentation have become quite safe and predictable. Most women who are considered healthy enough for surgery are potential breast augmentation candidates. Before recommending any procedure, we will review your medical history and conduct a consultation. We will also discuss … Continue reading

Types of wrinkles and how Botox treatment in Franklin, TN helps

Botox Treatment Franklin TN

Botox cosmetic is one of the most requested cosmetic treatments here at CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center in Franklin, TN. Many patients want to know exactly what Botox can accomplish, and if it is the right answer for their specific needs. If you have crow’s feet or similar facial lines, you are most likely a great candidate for Botox. It is a wonderful antiaging solution, but it can’t do everything alone. To understand what Botox can and can’t accomplish, we first need to understand the many factors that contribute to the development of wrinkles. What causes wrinkles? We … Continue reading

How Franklin, TN residents are turning back the clock with injectable cosmetic fillers

Injectable cosmetic fillers are helping Franklin, TN patients look younger.

You may have noticed that some men and women around Franklin, TN seem to be ageless. The same youthful, flawless faces greet you day after day, year after year. Have you wondered, what is their secret to reversing the signs of aging? Most likely it isn’t a secret at all. Dermal fillers and other injectable cosmetic treatments have become the go-to solution for adults who want to look younger, longer, without going under the knife. Why does your face need filling? We tend to think of plumpness as a problem, which often becomes worse with age. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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