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Franklin, TN patients discover Brazilian butt lift plastic surgery for shapely butt augmentation

Brazilian butt lift plastic surgery for shapely butt augmentation is now available at CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center.

Many women desire a shapelier body with curves or more rounded buttocks. An improved shape can boost your confidence or make your clothes fit better. Patients in Franklin, TN have turned to the team at CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center for a Brazilian butt lift surgery. Butt augmentation procedures have become a popular way to lift, firm, and add curves to the body.

What is a Brazilian butt lift? 

A Brazilian butt lift, or butt augmentation, is a plastic surgery or fat grafting procedure that harvests fat from the patient’s own body. First, fat is removed from a part of the body that has excess fat. The fat is spun and processed before being reinjected into targeted points in the butt. The procedure is ideal for patients seeking to alter the shape of their butts. A Brazilian butt lift helps:

  • Add volume to flat, small buttocks
  • Sculpt a rounded bottom
  • Make the butt appear lifted by adding volume to the upper area
  • Create a curvy, hourglass figure 

Qualified candidates 

Butt lifts are appropriate for men and women. The procedure improves your body shape and makes your pants fit better. Your body is balanced with the added curves and lift. A butt augmentation is appropriate for patients with flat, small, sagging, or asymmetrical buttocks. Weight loss can change the shape of the butt. Getting a butt lift enhances and improves your curves. 

Patient expectations 

A Brazilian butt lift is a fat grafting procedure. Fat is extracted from an area with excess such as the thighs and then is injected into the butt. The procedure is safe and easily tolerated. Bruising and swelling are common. However, since the patient’s own fat is used, there is little chance of an adverse reaction. The extracted fat is purified before being safely injected into the buttocks. The result is a natural, shapelier posterior. Follow your doctor’s post-operative directions for optimal healing and results. 

Let CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center help you achieve the curves and sensuous body you desire. Call (615) 784-3223 for your consultation.

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