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Patients in Franklin, TN discover breast augmentation plastic surgery for a shapelier figure

Breast augmentation plastic surgery for a shapelier figure is now available at CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center.

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures. Having firmer, fuller breasts can balance a woman’s contours, making her feel more confident in her appearance. Her clothes look and fit better. She feels more comfortable in her own skin. When you look good, you feel good. For patients in Franklin, TN, the team at CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center offers breast augmentation surgery to help women achieve the curves and shape they deserve.

No two women have the same body shape. Each is unique. Cosmetic procedures should be tailored to the patient. With the detail of a surgeon and the eye of an artist, we can select the most appropriate implant size and shape for the individual patient. This produces the most natural look for the patient’s body type.

What is breast augmentation?

A breast augmentation involves the placement of breast implants to enhance and improve the shape and size of your breasts. The procedure may be performed to restore lost breast volume following weight loss or pregnancy. The goal is to achieve more rounded breasts or to improve breast size and symmetry. Breast implants may be chosen to improve the fullness or projection of the breasts, balance the curves of the body, or to enhance a patient’s self-confidence.

Implant styles and materials 

There are now various implant materials, styles, shapes, and sizes available for breast augmentation surgeries. The two most common materials are saline and silicone. Round or teardrop shapes are available to alter your profile. Implants may come in smooth or textured styles. During your consultation, the doctor will choose the most appropriate implant style and shape, based on your body type and desired outcome.

  • Saline – Saline implants are inserted into the breast cavity empty and then filled with sterile saline once in place.
  • Silicone – Silicone or gel implants are filled with a plastic gel that gives the breasts a firm yet soft, natural feel.

Let CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center help you achieve balanced curves and the shapely body you desire. Call (615) 784-3223 for your consultation.

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