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The Clear + Brilliant way to stave off signs of aging in Franklin, TN

Clear + Brilliant

Why wait to reverse the signs of aging? With Clear + Brilliant laser treatment from CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center, you can fight back before is begins! This innovative procedure is a staple of our prejuvenation protocol.

Clear + Brilliant is not a harsh or high-powered laser. It is not intended to correct advanced aging or significant skin blemishes. Instead, this device was designed for refreshing and refining skin, addressing early signs of aging, improving sun damage, leaving skin with that unmistakable glow – and it accomplishes all of this in just minutes with no downtime.

The benefits of Clear + Brilliant

  • Noninvasive – Enjoy skin rejuvenation without surgery, injections, or the need to heal.
  • Gentle – This procedure involves no downtime and few, if any, visible side effects.
  • Convenient – Clear + Brilliant delivers amazing results with just one treatment, and they keep improving with each session. Some patients choose to have this procedure on a regular basis to keep early signs of aging at bay.
  • Comfortable – No, you don’t have to suffer for beauty. Instead, let it come to you in a gentle rejuvenating procedure that is performed while you relax.
  • Beautiful – Of course, our patients say that the amazing results of Clear + Brilliant treatment are the greatest benefit of all. Clinical studies agree, showing significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines, pores, tone, texture, and overall skin appearance.

The technology behind the treatment

Clear + Brilliant is a precision laser treatment that delivers carefully controlled energy levels with smart tip technology. It effectively creates microscopic treatment zones in the skin, triggering a significant healing response without creating significant skin injury.

This device is manufactured by Sola Medical, the industry leading company behind Fraxel, Thermage, and a number of other popular brands. These people understand aesthetic medicine, and it shows. While most of their devices are intended to reverse the signs of aging, they know that patients today are proactive, and prevention is the name of the game.

There is no clear distinction between young and aging skin. Wrinkles, discoloration, dullness, and other telltale signs develop gradually. This leaves many younger adults stuck in a kind of limbo. They are past the days of having effortlessly glowing skin 24/7, but don’t yet have distinctive signs of aging to reverse. Clear + Brilliant was designed to bridge the gap, maintain youthful skin, and address those subtle earliest signs of age.

Despite the widespread popularity of Clear + Brilliant, Sola has not stopped refining and improving it to make a good thing even better. While the original device excels at collagen stimulation in deeper skin layers, the new Clear + Brilliant Perméa handpiece targets the surface, which enhances uptake of antioxidants and therapeutic serums. These devices may be used separately or in conjunction, depending on your needs.

About the Clear + Brilliant procedure

The technology is complex, but the process is simple. We begin with a consultation, during which we discuss your goals and treatment options.

If you choose Clear + Brilliant treatment, the procedure is completed in a few comfortable steps. The overall appointment usually takes less than 30 minutes, though it will be longer if multiple procedures are performed the same day.

  • First, we prepare the treatment area by cleansing and applying a topical numbing cream.
  • Precise levels of laser energy are then applied to the skin using the Clear + Brilliant handpiece. This step generally takes between 15 and 20 minutes, with minimal discomfort.
  • The patented Optical Tracking technology ensures that the device maintains consistent skin contact and delivers optimal energy levels.

For Clear + Brilliant Perméa® treatment, there may be additional steps including:

  • Application of an antioxidant-based topical serum immediately after the laser
  • The procedure may be followed up with a 10 to 15-minute biocellulose face masque


Most patients report a noticeable glow and younger looking skin within days of treatment, which continues to improve. If you are new to Clear + Brilliant, we will probably recommend a series of several treatments, with each one yielding additional skin improvement. Full results develop about one or two weeks after the final session.

This procedure leaves skin softer, more evenly toned, and radiant for several months. Many of our patients choose to incorporate Clear + Brilliant into their regular prejuvenation regimens. The frequency of sessions is determined according to each person’s needs, though a single appointment a few times a year is normally sufficient.

What Clear + Brilliant treatment can do for you

This treatment is designed to stimulate natural skin rejuvenation, helping the body eliminate damaged skin cells and generate new, healthy ones. It is a good option for men and women with cosmetic goals including:

  • Delaying the onset of visible facial aging
  • Treating early signs of aging or sun damage
  • Improving the texture and elasticity of skin
  • Reducing pigmentation problems
  • Shrinking enlarged pores
  • Achieving a clear completion with the brilliant glow of healthy, young skin

Complimentary treatments

Clear + Brilliant may be used as a standalone skin rejuvenation or prejuvenation treatment. However, it is also a wonderful adjunct to other preventive and corrective procedures. A few examples include:

  • Liquid facelift – Botox and dermal fillers can restore youthful contours to the face, but dullness and blemishes in the overlying skin may detract from the effect. Adding laser therapy to the treatment plan refreshes skin restoring its radiant glow.
  • Corrective lasers – In some cases, Clear + Brilliant sessions may be used to extend or enhance the results of powerful laser resurfacing treatments.
  • Skin tightening – Radiofrequency and ultrasound therapies stimulate collagen, providing some rejuvenation. However, they do not target the skin surface, so a procedure such as Clear + Brilliant may be added in order to address pigmentation and similar concerns.

This is just one of many premium quality cosmetic procedures available at CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center. We will work with you to create a personalized treatment regimen to address your unique concerns. Please call our Franklin, TN practice at (615) 784-3223 and schedule a consultation to begin.

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