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What Franklin, TN patients need to know about the laser hair removal procedure

Laser hair removal procedure

CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center is proud to offer a wide variety of premier aesthetic solutions, including laser hair removal for men and women of Franklin, TN. If you are tired of embarrassing stubble, painful waxing, daily shaving, and ingrown hairs, then you will be happy to know that laser hair removal treatment is effective and long-lasting.

Safety of laser hair removal

This is among the most requested aesthetic procedures in the nation, and it has an excellent record of safety and success when performed by a skilled technician. The concept is quite simple, though the technology behind it is very sophisticated. Hair pigment readily absorbs light energy, which creates heat that deactivates the follicle, preventing new growth.

In early laser systems, the challenge was to effectively target pigment in the follicles, without overheating the skin. Those with heavily pigmented skin were advised to avoid laser treatment due to the risk of burning and scarring. Thankfully, that changed long ago with the introduction of the “colorblind” laser. With new levels of precision, today’s hair removal lasers are able to selectively target follicles with minimal impact to surrounding skin.

Despite the advances in technology, it is important to remember that lasers are only as good as the technician using them. These devices are powerful and complex, giving the knowledgeable provider virtually endless options for customizing treatment. When state-of-the-art laser technology is in the hands of highly trained aesthetic medical professionals such as the CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center team, beautiful things happen.

Are you a good candidate?

Generally, the best laser hair removal candidates are adults with dark, coarse hair and light-colored skin. That is because larger hair shafts are more easily targeted, and darker hairs are more densely pigmented. Therefore, this type of hair is most responsive to laser energy. Light skin is minimally pigmented and does not compete with the hair, allowing for optimal efficiency of treatment.

Don’t be discouraged if your hair is fine textured and light colored, or your skin is heavily pigmented. Laser hair removal is safe and effective in these scenarios as well, but each session is likely to achieve less dramatic improvement. Therefore, it may take more treatment sessions to achieve your desired goals.

There is only one scenario in which laser hair removal is entirely ineffective, and that is the patient with no hair pigmentation. In this case, there is nothing to absorb laser energy. Usually, even hair that is considered blonde has some pigment. However, hair pigment production declines with age. When you see grey hairs appearing on your head or body, they have not changed color, but rather stopped producing color. These hairs do not respond to laser treatment. Therefore, if you are an older adult considering laser hair removal, now is the time to act before the window of opportunity closes forever.

About the laser hair removal procedure

  • Consultation – The first step is a consultation with one of our skilled laser technicians. We will examine the hair and skin in the treatment area, review medical history, and discuss potential risks before recommending this or any other procedure.
  • Preparation – The number one rule when planning laser treatment is to avoid the sun. While it may be possible to treat an area with tanned skin, the power settings will need to be lower, requiring more sessions to see full results. Tanned skin also increases the risk of side effects or discomfort.
  • Planning – You are on a tight schedule, but so is your hair. Follicles operate in a constant pattern, cycling through active growth phases and resting phases. At any given time, only a certain percentage of follicles are active and those are the ones that respond to laser energy. Therefore, full treatment requires a series of sessions, which are carefully timed in accordance with your own hair growth patterns. It is important to keep these appointments as scheduled in order to see maximum treatment benefits.
  • Treatment – We will prepare the treatment area by cleansing and shaving the skin, if needed. You will then be provided with protective eyewear due to the intensity of laser light. Your technician will adjust the device according to your skin and hair type, then carefully apply laser energy. You might feel a stinging or snapping sensation as the laser “zaps” hair follicles.
  • Aftercare – During your visit we will provide complete aftercare instructions and answer your questions. One of the most important things you can do after any kind of light treatment is protect the skin from sun exposure. If possible, wear protective clothing, such as long pants after laser hair removal on your legs.
  • Results – Because laser energy only acts on follicles in the active growth phase, it is not possible to treat them all in one session. After each treatment you will notice a reduction in the number and size of hairs in the area. Appointments are spaced several weeks apart, so it will take several months to achieve full results. After laser hair removal treatment, you can throw out the razor and enjoy effortless silky-smooth skin every day.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Each application treats a percentage of follicles in the area. According the basic principles of math it is not possible to reach zero by subtracting a percentage. Therefore, permanent hair removal is technically impossible. Therefore, the FDA considers these devices appropriate for hair removal, or for permanent hair reduction. However, no laser devices are listed as indicated for permanent hair removal.

What does all this mean to you? For many people, it is essentially a moot point, as they enjoy the results of laser treatment for life with no maintenance. Other people might occasionally notice a few hairs in the treatment area, usually much smaller and lighter in color than before treatment. These patients may wish to have occasional touch-ups, usually about one session a year is sufficient.

Want to know more? Want to get started right away? Just give us a call at (615) 784-3223 and schedule a consultation.

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