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Lasers bring innovation in skin care to Franklin

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The first functional laser was built in 1951, and focused light technology has been used in medicine since 1963. However, use of lasers in aesthetics and skin care is more recent. CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center, Franklin’s premier cosmetic medical spa, is pleased to bring the latest lasers to our patients. These innovative therapies deliver big benefits with reduced downtime.

About lasers

A laser is a concentrated beam of light in a single wavelength (color) – as opposed to radiant, full-spectrum light from an incandescent bulb. Each type of laser is designed to penetrate skin at a specific depth. It precisely targets pigments or abnormal cells, or induces a thermal response that triggers collagen production. Fractional lasers break the ray of light into a multitude of pinpoint beams that create microscopic columns, reducing impact on surrounding cells for faster healing.

Lasers play many roles in skin care

  • Acne – Treatment with our blue light laser destroys harmful bacteria, easing inflammation.
  • Hair removal – Permanent reduction of hair on virtually any area of the face or body can be safely accomplished with laser treatment.
  • LED light therapy – This versatile, pain-free treatment rejuvenates skin without downtime. We recommend it for acne, signs of aging, and wound healing.
  • Photo facials – Gentle treatment breaks up pigments in brown spots. The body replaces damaged cells with healthy ones, for even skin tone.
  • Resurfacing – With modern CO2 devices, treatment is quick and well-tolerated, with less downtime than earlier resurfacing techniques. Treatment smooths fine lines, wrinkles, and rough texture, leaving skin softer.
  • Skin tightening – Laser therapy tightens lax skin at the jowls and neck, folds from the nose to mouth, drooping brows, and sagging skin under the eyes by stimulating a strong meshwork of collagen.
  • Tattoo removal – Quick pulses of intense light shatter pigments in ink so that the body may harmlessly eliminate them.

Schedule a consultation at our Franklin office to learn more about improving your skin with lasers. The number is (615) 656-4030.

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