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Restoring male wellness with testosterone therapy in Franklin, TN

Male Testosterone Therapy Franklin TN

As the age of peak fertility passes, the body undergoes considerable changes in hormone production – and this isn’t true for women only. Men experience reduction in testosterone levels, which have several negative effects that are normally attributed to aging. With male testosterone therapy from CoolSprings Laser, Aesthetic & Skin Care Center, the men of Franklin, TN are feeling younger, more energetic, and leading more fulfilling lives.

What you need to know about testosterone levels and aging

Testosterone is a hormone that helps maintain muscle strength, bone health, sex drive, and high energy levels in men. During puberty, a healthy male body produces it in abundance. A man’s testosterone level generally remains high until age 30, after which it begins to decline. Many men are feeling the effects of reduced testosterone by the time they reach their 50s.

Does this mean that all men should have testosterone therapy when levels naturally drop? Like female hormone replacement, this is a topic of some disagreement among experts. Many men self-reported considerable benefits with few to no negative effects. At this point, there has not been enough widespread, long-term, clinical studies to conclusively prove the risks or benefits of treatment for low testosterone levels caused only by aging. However, in many cases, normal aging is not the only problem.

A number of medical conditions, medications, and other factors can inhibit testosterone production. Combined with the effects of aging, the result can be a significantly low testosterone level. In some cases, even young men can suffer from low testosterone, or low T, as it is often called.

Symptoms of low testosterone

Is your age catching up with you? Is your demanding schedule leaving you drained? Or is it low T? The only way to know for sure is a clinical evaluation. A simple blood test can accurately measure your testosterone level, and it will guide us in determining the best treatment if it is low.

You should be evaluated for low testosterone if you experience the following common symptoms, especially if you are in your 30s or older:

  • Reduced sex drive or ED (erectile dysfunction)
  • Moodiness, irritability, difficulty concentrating
  • Depression
  • Loss of body or facial hair
  • Low energy, frequent fatigue
  • Reduced muscle and bone mass
  • Weight gain, increase in localized body fat such as gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts)
  • Reduced wellbeing, generally feeling old

Unlike female menopause, which occurs quickly, the decrease in a man’s testosterone happens gradually. Therefore, these symptoms can develop slowly and subtly. You might not even notice the changes as they occur, but one day it dawns on you that something has changed. You are less active, relationships are less satisfying, and life is less fulfilling. If you feel like your spark has been extinguished, low T might be the culprit – and testosterone replacement therapy could be the key to rekindle it.

About testosterone replacement therapy

The concept of this treatment is quite simple. It is designed to replace what your body is missing, adding supplemental testosterone to raise levels to health. This can be accomplished in several ways, including:

  • Transdermal – Medication is delivered via a skin patch, which is usually worn on the upper body or arm. The patch is replaced daily.
  • Topical gel – Like patches, this method uses medication that is absorbed through the skin. The prescription gel is applied daily.
  • Intraoral – A different type of skin patch, this is a tablet applied to gums, usually twice a day. It delivers a gradual and consistent supply of testosterone.
  • Implants or injections – For longer lasting, lower maintenance treatment, supplemental testosterone may be injected directly into muscle tissue. Alternately, a slow-release pellet may be implanted into soft tissue.
  • Oral supplement – A pill may seem like the simplest form of testosterone replacement, but it is generally the least preferred. That is because the medication may negatively impact liver health. Alternate delivery methods discussed above bypass the digestive system, as well as the liver, so they are considered lower risk.

The difference between testosterone replacement therapy and steroids

There is a common myth classifying testosterone replacement therapy with steroids. Some performance enhancing drugs and bodybuilding supplements do contain testosterone or ingredients meant to mimic testosterone. However, there are several important differences.

First is the formulation, as performance enhancing products typically contain many other ingredients not found in medical treatment. Secondly, the dosage of testosterone is dramatically different. Medical treatment is tailored to help you establish a normal, healthy testosterone level – not an unnaturally high level. Lastly and most importantly, testosterone replacement therapy is prescribed and monitored by a medical professional with the goal of achieving optimal health.

Risks and benefits of testosterone replacement therapy

Risks and benefits of testosterone replacement therapy
Like any medication or medical treatment, testosterone replacement therapy has some potential risks and side effects. Although rare, some men develop rashes, itching, or other skin irritation at the site of testosterone application. Some experts believe that long-term use may be associated with increased risk of some medical conditions, but there has not been enough clinical research to confirm this. During your consultation we will discuss potential risks and explain the latest available research on the topic.

For most men with low T, testosterone replacement therapy seems to be a safe and effective solution, with a host of benefits including improved sex drive, higher energy levels, and overall better quality of life. There may also be medical benefits such as stronger bones, increased muscle mass, and increased insulin sensitivity. Improved mood, emotional stability, and a more positive outlook are also commonly reported.

Because every man is different, it is difficult to predict exactly how you will respond to testosterone therapy. Some men feel dramatic improvement very quickly after beginning treatment. For others, the results are more subtle and develop gradually. We will work with you to revise and refine your treatment plan as needed, fine-tuning it to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Are you ready to feel younger and feel better? Give us a call at (615) 784-3223 and schedule a consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for testosterone replacement therapy.

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